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Converser for Healthcare
Converser™ for Healthcare Communicate with Spanish Speaking Patients...NOW!

Say What You Mean.
   Mean What You Say.

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Converser™ for Healthcare, English<>Spanish

Converser™ for Healthcare software reliably translates bi-directional conversations between English-speaking healthcare professionals and Spanish-speaking patients.

Converser™ doesn’t just deliver pre-programmed phrases like electronic dictionaries or other tools you may have heard about. The system actually permits wide-ranging two-way conversations. So you can say whatever you need to say.

And you can be sure you're saying what you mean to say, because the translations are verifiable. Converser’s™ Reliable Retranslation™ technology provides a translation of the translation, so you can verify accuracy for yourself. If a word has been translated with the wrong meaning, Converser™ provides a list of other meanings for quick correction.

It’s Easy:
Write, type, click, or dictate your message. Converser translates it immediately. You can (optionally) verify the translation and fix any errors. Then share the translated output with the Spanish speaker: Spanish text appears onscreen and is automatically pronounced. The Spanish speaker responds in kind. A bilingual transcript can be saved for future reference. Click here for further details on how it works, or click here to view a flash demo.

What this means for patients:
When patients are empowered to communicate in their own words, they can describe their symptoms, provide information, and ask questions. Connection with their caregivers is facilitated when they know they’re being heard.

Patients no longer have to wait – sometimes hours – for a qualified interpreter or bilingual speaker. Their treatment is accelerated, and their peace-of-mind increased.

What this means for healthcare providers:
Healthcare providers and their organizations benefit in many ways from Converser’s™ translation services:

  • Affordability and maximization of Language Access budget: The cost of Converser™ for Healthcare software is far less than compensation rates for professional interpreters, whether they are working in person, by phone, or via video conferencing. In fact, it can be as little as a few pennies per translation incident. So Converser™ helps organizations stretch their budgets. And expensive trained interpreters can be reserved for the most critical cases.
  • Faster and more direct patient care: Converser™ provides an accessible, reliable translation system 24/7. So healthcare workers can tend to limited-English patients more quickly, potentially reducing the severity of their issues. Faster care also helps minimize the stress and pain of lengthy waiting periods. And a simple and friendly communication tool fosters lasting goodwill.
  • Informed consent and minimization of liability: Converser’s™ bilingual transcripts facilitate record-keeping while enhancing direct communication. By contrast, human interpreters normally do not provide precise and verified hard-copy or digital records of a dialog.

    Using Converser™, healthcare workers can make sure that patients fully understand diagnoses or prescriptions. And because patients can describe their own symptoms in their own language, healthcare workers can confidently move on to make diagnoses, avoiding unnecessary and expensive testing.

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Converser for Healthcare assists in a wide range of healthcare situations!

Departments which can immediately benefit from Converser’s functionality include but are not limited to: Pharmacy, Emergency, Physical Therapy, Ambulance Services, Admissions, Home Healthcare, Labs, OB-GYN, Oncology, and other in-patient care departments. And Converser can aid patient education and training in most environments.

  Converser is not intended to fully replace human interpreters, with human hearts and minds. However, it will reduce interpreting costs, and will be invaluable when accessibility to interpreters is limited.
Converser for Healthcare

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